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What is SIAA and what is an SIAA Member Agent?

SIAA is a national alliance of independent insurance agents writing billions of dollars in premium annually. The alliance was formed in 1995 as a means for providing insurance consumers with competitive choices by enabling local independent insurance agents to gain access to many of the biggest and best insurance companies in the industry.


This is a win-win situation where the consumer is enabled to gain access to competitive, sound insurance products through their local independent insurance agent. Local sales and service with national stability and strength. It’s a combination that ensures the vitality of the local independent insurance agent, while providing the insurance consumer with affordable solutions to his or her insurance needs.


So, whether your need is auto insurance, homeowners insurance, boat insurance, or business insurance (and many more insurance types), you can find it through your SIAA Member Agent.


SIAA is incorporated in the state of New Hampshire and has partnering agencies across the country. Since its inception in 1995, over 4,000 Member Agents have signed onto our business model – making it the largest alliance of its kind in the United States.


Thanks for checking out this website, and don’t hesitate to locate your local SIAA Member Agent by using our “Get A Quote” or “Find an Agent" functions on this site. Remember, when you buy insurance through an SIAA Member Agent, you’re supporting your local business community.


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